Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Today's DHC challenge was to walk to clear your brain for better creative thinking.

From past experience, I not only know that this works but it is a great stress reliever and energizer, too. When my father was dying, I would stay up all night with him and then go home and get to work. I had a show coming up in a few months and I had to get the work done and I wasn't sleeping over a few hours anyway. When my husband got home from work, we'd head out on our bikes (not walking I know but still exercise). There was one particular hill that was the devil to get up but going down the other side felt like flying. As that wind rushed by me as I coasted down that long steep hill, it felt like all of my stress and worry was being blown away. Afterwards, it was dinner and then back to my Dad's for the night shift but I was ready to face whatever then and also ready with more creative ideas for my work the next day. During that time, my brain wasn't functioning that well because of lack of sleep. I'd find myself in what should have been a familiar place and feeling totally lost but after my nightly rides, I felt a clarity that didn't exist otherwise.

As I've told before, the bikes have been sitting in the garage unused for over fifteen years now. I had a bad wreck which psychologically grounded me for a while. I've sat around and gained weight. I've aged, which of course is inevitable but you can do it well or not...I've not. I've grown depressed and sedentary......BUT I recently took on a new attitude. I've decided to reenter life. Six days ago, I started monitoring what I eat in an online diary on a site called my fitness pal. It's free and terrific and I highly recommend it. What I like best about it is that it monitors all of your daily intake not just calories and fat but sodium, carbs, protein and sugar. I'm not only keeping myself honest by having to write down for the world to see every bite I take but I also am learning where my shortcomings are nutritionally. Well, the good news is.....I've already lost five pounds!! Ta Da!!! I haven't started exercising yet though. I'm thinking, to avoid the failures I've had in the past by expecting too much of myself, I will start off with walking and then gradually add on other exercises as I improve. I'm hoping that the bikes can be one of those although they probably need new tires themselves and a general overhaul after all these years gathering dust and cobwebs. I know I've had lots of failures in the past where weight loss and fitness are concerned but I truly think this time is different. I think I have a new mindset and it seems that most of our lives and activities and habits...all are controlled by that small mass of tissue and nerve endings that sits atop our bodies. I'm trying to reprogram mine for a healthier and fuller life. I'm a prime example that it is difficult to do anything if you aren't fit. I know there are examples of a few who manage to be productive and live full lives while sedentary but they are a rare breed and I am not amongst them.

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