Monday, June 16, 2014

When I weighed this morning, I was down nearly a pound and a half since yesterday....yay! With just six days in, I've already lost five pounds! The website, , has helped so much. The top thing I like about it its how it keeps track of not only calories and fat but also carbs, protein, sodium and sugar. The sugar has been the hardest one for me to keep under my daily limit and not because I've been wolfing down brownies and chocolate bars. No, the culprit to my high sugar numbers is surprising, at least to me, it's fruit! Not canned in heavy sauce fruit or processed in anyway. Nope, just good old fashioned fresh fruit. I had a banana with breakfast and fresh pineapple with lunch and I'm already over my limit for the day. I know that I'm usually low on the other numbers and I am still losing weight BUT high sugar intake can cause all sorts of other problems. So, I do need to keep an eye on it but still, if I'm going to exceed my limit, at least I did it with something healthy and nutritious and not just empty calories or processed foods

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