Monday, July 21, 2014

and this......

I'm thick skulled sometimes because it took me a long time, too long, to realize this. I kept thinking something was wrong with me but no, don't blame yourself because, trust an old woman on this one, it is them not you. Turning the other cheek is great for the first slap but don't allow them to get in a second blow, just turn and walk away.... some people don't deserve a second chance and deciding who those are and ridding your life of them, well, that's what the wisdom of aging is all about.

I'm also learning to let the resentment and anger go. My husband told me a few days ago, the question isn't why they treated you the way they did because it's obvious that was all about them. The question is, why you put up with it for so long and why you never fought back or why you kept trying to please them and why you didn't just walk away years ago? When I look at it that way....and once I get past the anger at myself...... I feel a wonderful release because I can let the anger go. I don't know if it's really forgiving because I'm not releasing them from blame but I am releasing myself from the clutches of resentment.

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