Thursday, July 10, 2014

Doing well on my diet but the last two days have been a bust. I lost my fitbit yesterday and so recorded no steps. I didn't record my diet either because I didn't want anyone knowing what I'd eaten, lol. No, I drove a friend to a doctors appointment and afterwards, I always take her out to eat. It's a treat for both of us. We ate at a place that makes good, homestyle food and I had some wonderful mashed potatoes, Southern style green beans and meatloaf..... none of which is on my diet. Then I had a scoop of frozen yogurt which also isn't on my diet. When I weighed this morning, I didn't expect any changes because of my indulgence but I certainly did not expect the one I got....a gain of two pounds!!! When I was twenty years younger, I could calculate to the ounce how much I would lose if I exercised X amount and cut back on calories and fat X amount. A pound of weight was lost or gained on a deficit or addition of 3500 calories (a number I know I didn't come close to once in the last two days much less twice!) Did someone change the rules and not tell me?

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