Thursday, July 24, 2014

I have to keep reminding myself that changing my diet is an ongoing process. It's been more than a little discouraging when I stay under the recommended daily calorie and fat intake and still don't lose an ounce but I know that the best effect is feeling healthier and more energetic. Yesterday, I actually went over the calories suggested. That happened because I went to the grocery store hungry and I went in the afternoon. If I'd gone as planned in the morning, I could have picked up something both filling and healthy for lunch. Instead, I grabbed what I could for lunch and then grabbed a bag of baked green peas to ease my hunger after shopping. It didn't help that Thursday afternoon seems to be the shopping time for every rude person in East Tennessee because I eat more when I'm upset, angry or frustrated. I need to work on that or else take my frustration out on the rude instead of my body, lol. Anyway, I went over my suggested caloric intake by about 120 calories thanks to wolfing down the entire bag of crunchy peas on the way home. I know it could have been worse and there is absolutely nothing I can do about that now but promise to do better, I'm off to have my bakery muffin for breakfast. ;-) Seriously, it's cranberry-orange, my fave, and one muffin a month is not gonna kill me. 

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