Sunday, July 20, 2014

I met Jim Croce two weeks before his untimely death. I was a teenage girl at a school club convention at the hotel where Jim was staying while playing in our town. I was waiting on my friends in the lobby when he walked through the doors and said, hi. He was very nice, very polite and I had no idea who he was. My friends later told me and I still wasn't certain until the next week when I saw this movie on TV. I loved the song, Time in a Bottle. The next day, I asked my best bud at school if he knew what the song was. He said, he did and told me it was by Croce. I immediately bought the album and eventually had all of his albums. I don't know where they disappeared to over the years. Such a tragic loss. I often wonder what great songs he would have written if he hadn't died so young and so tragically. 

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