Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My three walks from yesterday, July 21,2014. Note that there was only a short break between the two later in the day. I was releasing the horses back into the pasture and took Sadie back to the house so that I didn't use up all of the gas in my truck keeping her under ac while I walked, lol. I had intended to walk in between hauling water to the horses. The 35 gallon tank takes about ten minutes to fill so I thought that would be a nice break between two mile sets. But Steve called to say he was coming home early so I cut it off after the first two miles and then decided that I could fit in at least one more mile before he got home. I timed it perfectly....okay, it was serendipity but it worked out well....because I was finished and gathering tomatoes out of the garden for dinner when he pulled into the drive. 

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