Saturday, July 5, 2014

Okay, the metabolism...or lack there of....of the "older" woman.....what's with that?.................... sheesh, I am feeling better after 21 days on this eat better and exercise regime so that is great. My clothes are getting looser and I can feel my body changing in little ways which are all positive.....BUT.....yes, that is one BIG BUT (not butt so no comments, please ;) )............. I've only lost eight pounds. I know that any loss is super, I just can't wrap my brain around the effort I've put forth versus the small loss. I told Steve that, when I was 32 and decided to lose weight and get in shape and only had between twenty and thirty pounds to lose to accomplish that task, the weight fell off in not only a speedy but predictable manner. I could calculate calories in with calories burned and tell you to the ounce how much I was going to lose in any given week. Not so now. The weight goes down then the weight goes up and then, even though the gain was quick, the loss back to "see" level is slow and torturous. I know, I shouldn't weight every day but I'm afraid if I don't, I won't see any progress at all! 

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