Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Progress Recorded!

Yipee te yiyo!!! The scale has not been my friend since I started changing my diet and adding exercise to my day. I felt as if my clothes were getting loser but that darn scale kept showing me gaining weight instead of losing no matter how little I ate or how intensely and long I worked out. So last week I took my measurements. I wasn't smiling when I finished. After the first measurement revealed that my thigh was the size my waist use to be....sigh, those were the days..... I considered forgetting about it but all my friends were telling me that this was the true measure, no pun intended, of my progress. So, with many winces and grimaces, I recorded each number. That was six days ago. The scale today actually showed me up a pound from this time last week but down two pounds from the weigh-ins in between. And then I decided to measure again and....................wait for it..................it's worth the wait........................okay, I'll tell you already! I've lost six inches in the last six days!!! Yay!!!! And the best part is, the loss is evenly distributed. So, I'm doing a happy dance and I'm encouraged to keep going despite the lack of success I'm having with that darn scale. :)

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