Friday, July 4, 2014


Yay, ME!
So far, I've been on my diet/fitness/healthier living quest for 21 days. I've lost a little over 8 pounds which is a little disappointing to me but in terms of long term, maintained weight loss, I've always heard that slower loss is better. I've also heard that slow loss means a loss of actual fat not muscle or water. So, I'm not going to be too hard on myself and in fact, I think I'm proud of myself. I've stuck to the plan pretty darn well. I've walked despite the heat and humidity and I've hit my 10,000 step goal several times. It's odd because I really pushed myself to get that first 10,000 step day...which translates to about 4.5 miles.....and I didn't do me or my body any favors. The next day, I was useless. I was still pretty much useless for the next three days but each day got a little better. But the fourth day, I was easily making that 10,000 steps. I've had a few off days since but I've always come close and the last few days, I've hit my goal without much effort. As soon as it begins to feel easy, I will set another goal so that I'm always moving forward, always progressing and always have something to strive for that will make me feel proud and successful when I accomplish it. I'm hoping that, with the added exercise, the weight will start dropping off easier, too. I've continually stayed under my calorie goals but last Friday, I leaped up three pounds! It's taken me the entire week but this morning, I was down three and a half pounds....yay, me! The My Fitness Pal app that I'm using sure is handy but it is showing me with zero weight loss because I actually signed on with them two years ago when I weighed less than I do now. I have three more pounds to fall below that original weight and then I can really start to celebrate each pound lost. 

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