Saturday, July 26, 2014

I get all sorts of "healthy" newsletters in my email box each day. Today, one of the announced that they could tell you how to make healthy chips and fries. Well, I love both so I jumped on that email. And then......I saw the recipe..... Parsnips!!! I hate parsnips and I mean really hate parsnips. There are one or two veggies that I'm not crazy about, like asparagus, but I can still eat them on occasion with enough camouflage but those Duck D. people don't own enough camo to disguise that nasty vegetable. Sorry to all of the parsnip lovers out there....I know there have to be one or two of you with odd taste buds..... but I think they taste like soap. I'd never tried them until lifestyle maven Martha Stewart recommended them saying that, "Roasted with other root vegetables, they are the perfect Autumn side dish." I generally love roasted root veggies but those darn parsnips ruined the entire dish. Never, never, never going to give them a second try....even if they are fried to a crisp and covered in sea salt!

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