Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary to US!

Tomorrow will be Steve's and my 39th anniversary! It almost slipped up on me. We haven't decided yet what we will do this weekend to celebrate but I'm sure we'll come up with something. Just taking a weekend off will be nice. A funny thing just happened though, I was working on my class's high school reunion and grabbed an annual off the shelf to check out some names I thought I might have forgotten. I pulled off Steve's senior yearbook instead of mine. I was leafing through, reading what people had written....which can be dangerous even after all these years, lol. Even though we had been going to the same school for nearly two years, I hadn't actually met Steve until the end of my Sophomore year and his Senior year. I wasn't expecting to see something I'd written in his annual but there it was in bright blue ink, "Steve, I never really knew you before this year but I'm glad I met you. You're a really sweet guy and I hope we'll be friends even after this year. Best of luck in everything you do. God bless, Sandy Jones." Aaaah, little did I know :) 

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