Monday, August 11, 2014

Huston Jenkins, April 3, 1923 - August 11, 2014

Huston Jenkins and Mouse
The finest man and horseman I've ever known has passed over but I know he isn't in pain any longer and I know he's reunited with his beloved, Patty, and his great grandson, Bobo. I also like to think of him doing what he loved to do most and hasn't been able to do for over two years, ride his horses. He gave me so much in the short time we knew each other, he was a father figure, my mentor, my encourager, my teacher but mostly, he was my friend. He told me that he believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. He gave me the best advice I've ever gotten, "Whatever happens, stay in the saddle!" That has applied to a lot more than just riding in my life. He always said when one of us was leaving, "I'll see you here, I'll see you there or I'll see you in the air." I use to fuss at him for that and tell him not to say it but I know it's true and I know I'll see him again one day. I love you Huston; I always will. I'll see you in the air my dear, dear friend. 

A friend commented that she was so glad that he left me with such wonderful memories and Mouse. She added that he must really love me to let me have one of his precious horses. Actually, he let me have three of them and that was nothing short of a miracle, lol. The first time I heard his name, my friend Fran was helping me to find a horse and she said, "The finest horses you will find in the entire state of Missouri are raised by one man but unfortunately, you can't get one of his horses because he never, never sells them." lol When I called to tell him that I was coming to pick up my horse, he actually sounded disappointed, "You mean you're taking her?" he asked. I told him once though that he had no idea when he sold me Mouse that he was taking on a fifty year old to raise. Five years later, the year after he lost Patty, I took Mouse back to Missouri to visit him. He had been begging me to breed her again and so Steve and I decided to leave her with him for the next six months with the excuse that he could get her bred for us but really so Huston could enjoy her. We didn't leave empty handed or with an empty trailer since we took home Mouse's first born, Django (which Huston practically gave to me because he wanted me to have him) and Riley (because he'd saved Steve on the trail and Steve immediately said he wanted that horse). After Danny was born, Huston always claimed part of him. We'd planned on Huston training him but he had that first stroke just weeks before we were planning on taking Danny to him. I'm hoping Huston can look down from above and give me some guidance on working with my little sweet but wild (or rather spoiled) Dan

Another story about Huston and Mouse. I found out from his niece that someone in Europe had offered him many, many times over what I paid for her and he refused to sell her. He told them that he'd already promised her to me. We were sitting at his kitchen table sipping coffee after breakfast many years after that and I asked him, "You wouldn't have sold Mouse to them even if I hadn't been in the picture would you?" He dropped his head and said quietly, "They would have mistreated her." That's the kind of man and horseman he was.

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