Friday, September 26, 2014

Miracles in the Every Day

I have a friend who has been struggling. Her husband left her this time last year and her job at a fitness center was only part time so she lost her house. She had been an ophthalmologist years ago but had quit when she had children. So, she began working part time at that trying to get enough hours in to regain her license. The fuel to make the drive from where she was living to where she worked took most of her check and again, she was finding herself without anywhere to live. 

We were baling our last hay cutting this past weekend. All of the hay was supposed to have been sold but two of the men who came after it said that they could only haul a portion of what they'd first said they wanted. My husband called a lady who lives about a mile away who'd told him she wanted any hay that he might have. When she came to pick the hay up, she started telling my husband that she was totally overwhelmed because she was caring for her elderly mother with dementia and that she could no longer leave her alone to even leave the house for long much less get any work done. She asked him if he knew of anyone who would be willing to stay with them for room and board. At the time she asked, he couldn't but later that night, he came to me so excited and said that he'd just realized that our friend Jane would be perfect. She loves living in the country, she is just like our neighbor Jeannie in so many ways including their love for natural, organic living, and they both desperately needed a prayer answered. 

That was Sunday night. My husband needed an appointment with the dentist to get a cap replaced. I called and they said Wednesday morning. As soon as he came back from his appointment, he told me that I needed to call Jeannie, find out the details of what she was wanting and then call Jane. I did and I not only discovered that this would be the perfect fit for Jane but I discovered a new friend. Jeannie told me that she'd lived on her farm for twelve years and that people had constantly told her that she needed to meet me because we had so much in common. 

I tried calling Jane but the line was busy so I sent her a text saying that I had an exciting proposition and she should call me asap. What I didn't know until later was that Jane was talking to her daughter at the time and she was telling her that she was going to take the day to pray for God to send her an answer because she was scheduled to sign a years lease on a government subsidized apartment. Not only was it still very expensive but it was year's commitment for someplace she didn't want to be. When she called me back, I hadn't even finished telling her about Jeannie before she said, I want her number. An hour later, Jeannie calls me and she is so excited. She said that Jane was coming that afternoon to meet her and see the farm. Later that day, Jane called to say she was going to be my neighbor next week! Both ladies said that this was an answer to their prayer and I realized I'd been part of a little miracle. You could call it coincidence that the first buyers didn't take as much hay as they'd first said they would so that Steve had to call Jeannie or that Steve lost a cap which caused him to be home on a Wednesday morning when it seemed that both ladies were waiting on my call or even that Jane was praying and struggling with that lease she didn't want to sign or even that this was a perfect fit for both of these women and they both had their prayers answered so completely........but I don't believe in coincidence. :)

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