Friday, January 16, 2015

36 Questions

I just read an article in the New York's that for news media name dropping lol. It was about a study done several years ago in which a doctor said that he could make two strangers fall in love by asking 36 intimate questions of each other. Earlier this year, I was asking questions of all of you. My intent was not to make you fall in love with me, lol, but to learn more about my friends, even or especially those separated from me by long distance. So, now I'm going to start asking questions again but the doctor's questions this time. I think this will be fun. smile emoticon

Question 1: Given the choice of anyone(living) in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

I've given this some thought and most of the famous people I admire are deceased. It seems the people we consider noteworthy these days are more in the celebrity genre than someone actually worthy of note. I saw an interview with inventor Dean Kamen last weekend and he said that kids could name any number of sports figures or entertainers but not one scientist. Dean Kamen has made a lot of money from his inventions but he uses so much of that money for good. He's created bionic arms and upright wheel chairs for soldiers who have lost limbs. He runs scholarship programs and promotes science with competitions in robotics in grade school. He developed portable water purification systems for third world countries so all can have readily available clean water. He is definitely a man to be admired and not just for what he's famous for, invention of the segway. But would I want him as my dinner guest? He is fascinating but more than a little intimidating at the same time. No, the person I'd most like as my dinner guest would be my dear friend, Pamie. She is always entertaining, fun and just a joy to spend time with and I haven't seen her in several years. So, she would be my choice. I can be informed by books and media but for an enjoyable evening, I would always choose a dear friend that I can talk to.

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