Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A little bit of wisdom from an "older" woman: It seems as if lately, whenever I see my friends who are the same age as me, all we talk about is aging. I was thinking this morning that most of the things we are saying, I've heard before.... from my mom. I remember her saying to me not long before she passed away, "It surprises me to look in the mirror. I don't expect to see an old woman. I know my body is failing me but inside, I still feel like I'm seventeen." She also said that she liked the clothes and styles available for younger women and not what she was forced to wear because it was expected of a woman her age or because it was all that half way fit her body anymore. I also recall all of the times she told me to enjoy each phase of my life because it only would last a second and then, in the blink of an eye, I would be old. As my friend, Paula Bigelow Smallen​, said just last week when I asked her why no one ever told us what getting older was actually like, "They did tell us. We just didn't listen." Too I guess my breath will be wasted on those of you still under forty (that's when the first cracks in your youthful foundation appear) if I tell you, enjoy every minute and savor every moment because it will not come again and try as you might, you can never get it back. All of life's experiences, good and bad, are for a purpose so gain what you can from both. Experience will truly dull your sense of joy and awe so make all of those first times memorable as possible so that you can savor them later. Live every moment to the fullest because before you know it, your energy and zest will diminish. And for heavens sake, put down the doughnut and get to the gym before it's too late! lol

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