Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I spoke with my diet/exercise advisor, Lee, yesterday. I told him about my struggles with exercise because of my injured shoulder. He apologized for his enthusiasm but he told met that my injured shoulder was right down his alley as an exercise expert and physical therapist. He's going to speak to me again in three weeks, after I see the specialist, and recommend a course of steps for recovery. He also offered me great info and advice on the shin splints I've been suffering from. I thought they were caused by the shoes I've been wearing. I've been walking in my Bogs since it's been so soggy here and they don't offer the best support. But Lee told me that the shin splints are caused by "panicked" calf muscles. He said that the muscles are a bit shocked by new activity and aren't quite sure what their task is yet. Because of this, they tighten up...a lot! The tightening pulls on all the connective tissue across the front of the leg and results in pain. He told me of stretches I could do by flexing and pointing my foot slowly for ten seconds each all through the day. I tried that yesterday and it offered almost immediate relief. He also told me to stretch post exercise so that my muscles were warmed up to avoid injury. And he said that I should slow down my pace to prevent the pain I've been having in my ankles and knees. The pain was an indicator that I was doing too much too soon. So, I'm suppose to increase my distant and slow down my pace to at least a 20 minute mile. He said that he could give me an exercise regime but he'd much rather I learn to listen to my body and learn what I need to do and how far I need to push to get results. He once again reminded me that this is a journey not a race and if I want to be in this for the long haul, I need to move like the tortoise not the hare. I have to admit, this shoulder injury has me feeling my age and more. It's a hard realization. I honestly thought that I could regain the strength and stamina that I had twenty years ago and who knows, maybe I can but I need to move at a slower pace and be more cautious. Who would think that just raising up on an arm would cause you harm? I have to face the fact that I'm no longer young. Ooooh, that hurts as much as the shoulder and trust me, the shoulder pain is excruciating.

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