Friday, April 10, 2015

Set backs.....

I haven't had a good week thanks to the shoulder and now, I wonder if I'm not reacting to the injections I received for the shoulder. I've been shaking and the left arm has been extremely weak plus I've been having cold sweats and feeling slightly nauseated all since my visit to the doctor. The good news is, the pain is better. I had one episode today with what I call the attack of the muscle spasms but it was mild compared with what I was having before. I hope that means that the shot is working. I start physical therapy next week. More bad news though, I have not been walking or working out very much since this started. I had a few days in the middle of all of this where I tried to make up for my inactivity. I was taking something to ease the pain which helped me to sleep and as a result, I seemed to have boundless energy...for a few days. I did make up a lot of lost exercise time in a few short days and was very proud of myself for "green lining" all of my fitbit goals for three or four days. But these last few days have been a bust and I'm just dragging and feeling very old. The one bit of good news, I've lost another pound! I'm getting very, very close to a big weight loss goal but if I keep sitting around and eating everything I want (I'm a major comfort food eater), I'm afraid I won't just miss my goal, I'll start to gain weight back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can start feeling better and get myself motivated again. 

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