Saturday, May 2, 2015

Okay, despite all the set backs and injuries, I've lost 8 lbs. since I started walking and tracking what I eat five weeks ago. I love and the ease of using its app to monitor my diet. It shows me what areas I really need to work on and modify. With me, it's finding that proper balance between carbs, proteins and fat. Some days, I do a much better job than I do others but I'm learning. I spoke with my diet councilor on Monday and asked him when the old habits would be gone and the new ones established. He told me that most habits take 21 days to become permanent. Yes, that means that I'm not on track with that but I have had setbacks. I was doing great up until a few roadblocks popped up but the good news is, as my diet/exercise advisor said, I'm making the right decisions and getting right back on track every time life sends me off on a detour.... he also said that I must be doing something right because I am losing weight despite a few comfort food indulgences and a couple of days of hiding from stress in front of the TV. So, I'm keeping on and hoping that day when I feel something is wrong when I don't workout and I crave salads instead of cookies is right around the corner. Feel better everyone and look at the possibilities in life instead of the pitfalls.

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