Saturday, May 16, 2015

The past few weeks...month...have been very stressful for me. Unlike the suggestions made in an article from that I plan to post later, I have not been fighting my stress with healthy habits. No, it's been quite the opposite. Not only have I been eating poorly and hardly exercising, I also have stopped the healthy habits I'd worked so hard to establish like the food diary I had been keeping every day since I started my health and fitness journey. But if you fall down, you not only get back up, you try to figure out what steps will lead you back to the path to success. So, I was thinking that the one thing I haven't been doing, except for some of my lengthy posts on here which don't count, was journaling about my feelings and my goals. I loaded a journal onto my tablet today and I started journaling and setting goals. What I plan to do to keep myself motivated is not only to post goals each night for the next day but reward myself points for each goal I accomplish with bonus points for extra credit, lol. I think this might just be the motivation I need and it will also help me to figure out my emotional triggers that make me fall back into old comfort habits like over eating and spending hours lost in TV or a movie. Hopefully, by writing it down, I will start doing again instead of hiding out.

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