Friday, May 8, 2015

WARNING, Blowing Off Steam

Before I start my major whine, please know that I do realize I have no reason or right to complain. I am extremely grateful for all that we have, most especially our health which we probably don't deserve. BUT I'm beginning to think there is some truth in those jinx spam mails and messages that make the rounds. You know the ones I mean, send this out to twenty of your closest friends (I don't think I have twenty "close" friends and even if I did, they wouldn't be my friends after getting one of those messages) or something bad will happen. The specific one I'm thinking of promised a monetary windfall if the rules were followed exactly and financial disaster if they were not. Well, since I didn't want twenty people un-friending me...although, if I'd been thinking logically, I could have sent it to a few people I might want off of my list that I'm not really certain how they got on there in the first place......., I trashed the message. Within a week, things actually started going wrong for us where money matters were concerned. We spent over 6 grand on Steve's truck alone last year and it still isn't working properly. Then I had the dentist fiasco...I will not go into all of that again....that occurred the day before Thanksgiving so I was wondering if there was money left in our checking to buy dinner for the next day. Then Steve destroys the transmission in my truck....I'm beginning to think the problem might be Steve, haha. As soon as that was replaced, we had to also replace brakes and rotors in my truck. Then his old van had problems...not certain the nature of that because, when Steve starts talking mechanics, I generally stop listening. The van was still in the shop when the alternator went out on Steve's truck. When we got the van back from the shop, we noticed it needs new tires. And then the cherry that I'm hoping will top off this cake....or maybe it is the last shovel of dirt that is dug out of this huge financial hole we've fallen into...... our well is, if not dying, at least very sick. We replaced the pump only a few years ago but I don't think any warranty was offered. And it may not be the pump since we ran out of water after Steve pumped it dry filling up tanks to spray the fields for weeds. Oh, I almost forgot all of the money that Steve has put into the hay fields and other areas of the farm. He keeps assuring me that hay sells will easily pay that back but the problem is, when we are looking at over a thousand just to determine what is wrong with the well and no telling how much to actually fix the problem or the 5 thousand we were told it would cost to get "city" water, the fertilizer bill with other farm expenses added on begins to look unsurmountable. So, I'm not certain if the spam chain mail is to blame for all of this but if karma will just give me another chance, I will send the darn thing out to everyone on my friends list just to end this "every time one thing's fixed another breaks" phase before it breaks us.

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