Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 02

Two days in a first two in this new quest.......and I still haven't accomplished much. Why? I haven't felt well. The stomach bug still lingers and I just feel exhausted. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better because it already looks like a busy one. I have to be up at dawn so I can pick up food for the horses and run a few other errands while trying to get home before it gets scorching hot so I can feed and water them. Then I have several house chores to do that I've been putting off for nearly a week now.... if not longer. I hope to finally get the elliptical moved to the TV room so I have no excuses not to work out. I've even got cordless ear phones to use while watching TV. Today, I made home made chicken noodle soup and finished off the tempting donuts....I guess that's something, ha. Tomorrow is another day and it might just be the day that I check several things off of my list to restart my life. 

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