Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 03

Well, at least I accomplished something today even if it was the grocery store and feed store. I did pick up ingredients to make a chicken pot pie for tomorrow night and an earthquake cake (first time trying the recipe.) My sister is very sick and I haven't been to see her in a few weeks because of my tummy virus that I didn't want to chance her catching from me. I have an appointment with Orthopaedic clinic tomorrow and I thought I'd run her by some pot pie and earthquake cake on my way. I hope it all turns out well.

Now, I'm off to fill in all of the paper work before my visit to the doc so I don't have to try and do it there. The last two times, I never got through all of it before my visit ended. Then I have to wash up a few dishes, pack Steve's lunch for tomorrow, clean up a mess the cats left me (no details-you can thank me now), and then feed and water the horses. I hope I will feel like a walk with Bodie after all of that; it would do us both good!

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