Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 17

It's day seventeen and I've skipped quite a few daily posts. Part of the reason, and it's a good one, is that I've been busy. Some good busy since my last assignment from Lee, my health coach, was to get my life organized before starting a new workout schedule. So, I've made a good start at that. I tackled the kitchen this weekend. I'm still not done but I've made wonderful progress. This was a job I've put off for years. I'll try to add a few photos later. I've made good use of the new chalkboard labels I bought several weeks ago. So much so that I may need to order a few more.

I did all of this, the climbing, the lifting, the scrubbing, with a very sore and painful shoulder.... of course the pain radiates so the left arm, upper left chest and shoulder area are all involved as well. Of course, it's hurt since I injured it but usually it is a dull ache just irritating because it is constant. Last week, I had my MRI. It was the first full one I've experienced and I have to say, I have new found empathy for all of the friends and family who have complained about these things in the past. The only way I survived the close quarters was to close my eyes as they were sliding me in and even then, I felt as if I didn't have enough air. I hyper ventilated for the first few minutes and then the shoulder pain set in and took my mind off everything else. My shoulder had to be in a holster to hold it still and my arm was strapped to my body in a very awkward position. My entire shoulder was pushed backwards and I was terrified it would begin to spasm as it has in the past. It was the longest fifteen minutes of my life but I lived through it. Still, for two days, my arm was in awful pain and kept waking me up at night. So, not only was I working with a sore arm but with little sleep. But I prevailed...yay, me!

So, I'm close to checking one room off of my reorganization and clean list. This was the best assignment ever because I've realized that the chaos that is my home is the main cause for my procrastination with exercise, getting back to my art, redoing and repair so much around the house and generally living my life. I realized also when I was in that MRI and felt as if I couldn't breath that I had felt like that for the last ten or fifteen years. My life isn't over and it is time I dug myself out of this mess and got on with living. So, I'm off now to chip away at that mountain.....within the next two weeks, I plan to knock that sucker down!

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