Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 23

Sorry to have neglected this journal once again, so much going on in my life lately. Much is very personal and I don't want to get into it....despite the fact that I've shared so much personal stuff in the past. There may come a time I will want to share it but for now, it's between me and the angels. 

My fitness-wellness coach called for our scheduled session last Thursday. I told him there was good news and bad news. The bad first, not any progress on making exercise a regular part of my life but the good news, I've been making great progress getting my life organized again. I told him I was proud of myself and he said he was proud of me, too. It's a process is what he is always telling me and it involves balance in your life. I'm in the process of finding that balance right now. So, that is the main goal he's set for me for the next month. I'm not to even go near the scale or worry if I get the exercise going; my only goal is to get my life more organized. I also will be doing my physical therapy on my shoulder for the next month. We usually have our coaching calls every two weeks but I put the next one off two more weeks just so it would fall the day after I finish my physical therapy and see the orthopeadist again. Not only will two additional weeks give me that much more time to complete my organization task but I'm hoping, I'll literally be able to hit the ground running on the exercise front. smile emoticon

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