Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I have a new target now....good health and fitness. Those strong, muscular legs I use to hate
will carry me to that target with a little effort on my part. ;)
As most of you know, I participate on MeAndYouHealth.com's daily health challenges. Each day, you are given a challenge with the concept that little daily changes can lead to major benefits and changes down the road. So, yesterday, it was all about accepting your body. The question was, "What are two things you like about your body?" What I realized in answering this challenge was that my perception and acceptance of my body has changed drastically over the past thirty or so years. The first thing that came to mind was health because I am far healthier than I deserve to be considering my often horrible diet and sedentary ways. I've become all the more aware of this blessing of health over the last few years. I've lost so many good friends and three people I considered my BFFs, as the kids now say. I have so many friends who are dealing with major health problems, conditions and illness. All of this has made me aware that I can't take good health for granted, as a given. I'm going to have to start working at it. I also noted my body's ability to change and improve with just a bit of effort on my part. I've always heard that phrase, "Use it or lose it!" associated with fitness. My fitness and wellness coach, Lee told me that statement is true where muscle is concerned but it doesn't have to be permanent; we can rebuild muscle. So, I'm grateful for that fact and I'm grateful for this short, muscular body that I use to see as a bad thing when I was younger. Now, I see it as an asset. My dad use to tell me that I could play linebacker for the Green Bay Packers with my muscular legs. Now I think,these sturdy legs are going to carry me back to fitness. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Okay, what day am I on? I've lost track. I'm still pushing forward but I've not been making the progress I'd hoped for or planned back when I began this journey. I should be happy for progress though. I've been stagnant for a long time and so any progress is wonderful! What day is it? Today.....and it is the only day I can plan on.......but it is day 58 in case you've been keeping track better than I have.

My Daily Health Challenge over on meandyouhealth.com was to name two things I liked about my body. I answered that I'm healthy despite myself. I've lost so many good friends over the last few years, three of them my best friends or bffs as the kids say now. One of them, had lived a full life and passed away at ninety. I still miss him terribly and giving him up was hard despite his age but the other two friends and the ten or more others that I've lost over the course of two years, they were all my age or younger. Cancer took my other two best friends. The world doesn't seem right without them in it and I feel lost without them. Still not quite able to deal with it especially since one of them was just a few weeks ago. Because of them and their sudden and hopeless diagnosis, I've started looking at myself differently. I realize, given that I'm over weight, don't eat as well as I should and don't exercise as much as I should and sit in front of this machine far more than I should...when I'm not watching TV or reading......, that I'm very lucky not to have any major health issues. I am grateful for that but I need to stop taking good health for granted and as a given. I know this challenge is more about body acceptance but I think my priorities have changed where living a healthy lifestyle is concerned. Now, I'm more concerned with being healthy than I am about fitting into a size four again....although that would be very nice! So, what do I like most about my body? Actually, now it is something I always hated as a kid, my sturdy, muscular legs. My dad use to tease me that I could play linebacker for the Green Bay Packers with those legs. Looking back at photos, they actually weren't bad legs then or maybe it's just that muscles are in fashion now but I'm grateful for strong legs that are going to walk me back to fitness. As for what people have always complimented, my eyes. I've always thought they were too large but that's what many find attractive about them. I like them because my eyesight is still good despite glasses for seeing at a distance...of more than three feet, lol. I'm able to appreciate this beautiful world, easily read the printed word, see the smile on my husband's face and the love shining from his eyes and express how I'm feeling to my friends with just a look. I've not always been very satisfied with this body I was given but now, I appreciate it much more than I ever have.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 44

I'm still working on the reorganization and my exercise is still hit and miss. Then there is my diet...which we will not go into because it is that bad! I've put on nine pounds in the last few months. I sadly just found out that my best friend, Pamie Haythorn, passed away last week. That certainly put a dent in my previous happy, carefree mood. Losing her is like having a light go out in my heart. She brightened any room she entered, like walking sunshine. She kept everyone laughing with her wicked sense of humor right up until the end. I have to admit, I'm very upset that they are having no sort of ceremony for her. I do understand that funerals cost money...too much money but a private, informal gathering of family and friends to celebrate her being and all the joy she brought to our lives, I wish we had something like that. That would at least allow us to mourn and share our grief and our happiness in the blessing which was she and her life. But, in the end, it is not my decision. I will miss her so much and the light she brought to my life.

My good news will sound trite in the face of that sadness but I have my final therapy session for my shoulder this week. I'm hoping.....fingers and toes crossed....that I will be back to work on my wood sculpture and other art....so many plans....by the next week. I still have things to finish up to get both my workshop and studio/office in shipshape but I'm finally headed in the right direction and I'm getting wonderful response over the new angel series of colored pen and inks I'm doing. Here is an example or two:


Well, I got my exercise in this morning......

This morning I thought I'd finally captured the stray, mystery horse that has been roaming our property. I woke up to Bodie barking furiously. He met me when I stepped out of the bedroom and led me back to my office window, indicating I should take a look, lol. It was foggy but I could distinctly make out a large creature grazing out in our front hay field....and dangerously close to the road! Steve yells from the bedroom, where the commotion had evidently woken him up, "What's going on? Does Bodie just need to go out?" I shout back, "No, I see the stray horse in the field. I'm going out to get it." Steve screams, "YOU CAN'T HAVE ANOTHER HORSE!!!!"
Still wearing my pajamas, I rush out the door with feed bucket in hand. I kept looking around for a halter but couldn't find one. The closer I got to the field the more familiar the horse looked and then when it looked up and started walking calmly toward me, I realized it wasn't a mystery horse but my own naughty, Danny! I yell back to Steve...actually standing outside in his underwear unsure emoticon, "It's just Danny. Bring the truck." While Steve ran back in the house to dress, I walked Danny across the field and back toward his own pasture. He ran away again but only to greet his mama, Mouse, who was standing at the fence, craning her neck and looking on with concern. She was not happy. Dan went back in the fenced pasture with no trouble. Now, I need to search for his escape route....the not so little anymore demon.

Monday, September 7, 2015

From My Fitness Pal (which I also use as my online food diary), an article(click on title to read) on

5 Low-Impact Exercises that Burn Crazy Calories

Day 38

I finally ventured to the scale this morning. I've gained seven pounds since I last weighed in two months ago. I could tell I was putting on weight by not only how my clothes fit but by how round my face was becoming. Sigh....I guess this just gives me a bigger goal to aim for and more motivation. The good news.... the physical therapist told me on Friday that this week's session should be my last. My shoulder has improved tremendously over the last three weeks. I see the Orthopedist on the sixteenth and he should release me to get back on schedule not only with my work but with my workouts. Yay!!!

I'm still cleaning and organizing the house and my life. I've started working on my art again. It's only a few drawings at first. Colorized pen and inks of a series of angels.

I've renamed my business/shop, Ginny Pearl, in honor of my late mother. The angels are for her, too. I'm hoping to finally get back in my studio/workshop working on wood sculpture by the middle of this month. I already have orders for several witches for Halloween. For the first time in a very long time, I'm really excited about how my life is moving forward. My fitness-health coach, Lee, was right, the more organized and balanced my house becomes, the happier I feel about my entire life. I truly believe that, over the next few months, I will start becoming who I've always known I could be both physically and as a woman and artist. So, I guess I'd better get to it, time's a'wastin'. ;)