Sunday, September 13, 2015

Well, I got my exercise in this morning......

This morning I thought I'd finally captured the stray, mystery horse that has been roaming our property. I woke up to Bodie barking furiously. He met me when I stepped out of the bedroom and led me back to my office window, indicating I should take a look, lol. It was foggy but I could distinctly make out a large creature grazing out in our front hay field....and dangerously close to the road! Steve yells from the bedroom, where the commotion had evidently woken him up, "What's going on? Does Bodie just need to go out?" I shout back, "No, I see the stray horse in the field. I'm going out to get it." Steve screams, "YOU CAN'T HAVE ANOTHER HORSE!!!!"
Still wearing my pajamas, I rush out the door with feed bucket in hand. I kept looking around for a halter but couldn't find one. The closer I got to the field the more familiar the horse looked and then when it looked up and started walking calmly toward me, I realized it wasn't a mystery horse but my own naughty, Danny! I yell back to Steve...actually standing outside in his underwear unsure emoticon, "It's just Danny. Bring the truck." While Steve ran back in the house to dress, I walked Danny across the field and back toward his own pasture. He ran away again but only to greet his mama, Mouse, who was standing at the fence, craning her neck and looking on with concern. She was not happy. Dan went back in the fenced pasture with no trouble. Now, I need to search for his escape route....the not so little anymore demon.

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