Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1-DAY 1

Hitting re-wind and re-start on my fitness goals. As most of you know, our insurance company gave me a wellness and health coach. He's a great coach but the poor fellow has been struggling with me for at least six months now and I'm still flailing about in the murky waters of my life. He keeps encouraging me though and telling me that I am making progress even when I feel discouraged because, in my eyes, I'm accomplishing little. He pointed out to me, this last session, that even when I feel like I've failed, I'm actually just figuring out what doesn't work. That's a great way of looking at it. I think I finally have a plan to get back into a routine with my life as well as my exercise. It's just a matter of making it routine and that has been a problem. Life doesn't always cooperate and things come up constantly to disrupt the plan. My body also does not always cooperate. It seems that I am a wee bit overly enthusiastic on some days and then, it takes me another day to recover. lol And there are just some days when it is easy and others when it is not. So, I guess I am learning what works and I'm learning to be more flexible and more forgiving of myself and life. I have been doing better on all fronts. I have walked every day. Some days, I actually walk two or three times with vigor and other days, well...just once and not so vigorous....but I do walk. I'm learning to walk for my own pleasure as well as for fitness. I'm learning to set the things I love as a priority instead of a reward. I sat myself down and worked out why my previous plan wasn't working. Before, I'd say to myself, "I'll go play with the horses or take the dog walking or work on my soon as this task I don't want to do is done." Well, how do you think that turned out? Not well, I can tell you. No, I'd procrastinate and procrastinate until the day was done and I felt like a failure because I'd accomplished nothing good or bad. So now, I'm doing the pleasurable things first. Then I do the bad, yucky tasks and if I want or feel I need to, I take another walk or go see the horses just to get away for a while and come back with a fresh outlook and more drive to accomplish my task. So, the exercise is not only becoming a pleasure but a habit, the organization and house cleaning and revamp is progressing and I'm working on that schedule. Once I get this all in hand, I'll start working on the diet..... not only because I don't want to stress myself all at once but also because trying to work out a new working schedule also means I'll need to order the occasional pizza...sans salad because I don't always have time to get the the grocery. But the final point is, I am improving and making progress and I've had so many epiphanies, revelations about myself that that alone is an indicator of growth. So, I will just keep teaching this old dog some new tricks. :)

I will weigh in tomorrow morning and add much as I hate doing both! I will also add my daily exercise and my triumphs and fails. I'm trying to really make this work this time but I'm trying to take baby steps instead of just leaping in without planning or looking. 

First goal: making exercise not only a priority but a habit!