Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Healthier Diet

Okay, a confession to make, I'm just starting to adjust my diet to a healthier mode. I've been stressed a lot since early Spring when I stopped keeping a food diary or going near the scale. That departure was prompted by an injured shoulder which put everything else except physical therapy on hold for a while. I was sticking to the healthy diet even without keeping track....for a while. Then the stress started, family and friends becoming or being sick, the death of a friend, a tree hit the house, the transmission went out on my truck and then my own health scare a few weeks ago. That last one sent me into an unexpected emotional tail spin and a junk food eating spree. I will confess, "My name is Sande and I'm a stress eater and sweets addict!" I realized last week how these stress induced over indulgences were affecting my health, my body, even my emotional state. I'm ready to make some major changes now and eating healthier and cleaner is tops on that list. I also plan to lay off the sugar and starchy foods as much as possible. Lunch is one of the hardest to change because I tend to grab the easiest thing to prepare and eat and that often is the least nutritious and often downright unhealthy. So, I very much look forward to reading this article.


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