Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Another New Month

Okay, I have made quite a lot of progress over the month past but considering that my only diet update was on November 1st, I'm thinking it might not have been the month to start my new diet. December is already looking as if it might not qualify either (especially since I just had cake for breakfast!) I have to say though that I have learned a lot during the past thirty days. My health coach, Lee, says that I've made much more progress than I think. I have made progress on the house and organization although there is still a long ways to go. I am walking at least once a day and often twice even though I'm not on the schedule I'd hoped to be or increasing distance, intensity or time at all. Still, Lee keeps pointing out that I need to celebrate my triumphs and stop beating myself up about what I perceive as failures. He says that "failing" is just figuring out what doesn't work and moving on to what does. So, I think my plans are finally coming together in what will be a productive way with both my fitness, my health and in getting organized, my work and life.

Firstly, I'm changing our master bedroom into my studio. This was the original plan when we moved our bed and other furniture to one of the smaller bedrooms. There have been challenges with the size but I think we've finally overcome those and personally, I like the cozy feel of the small room....Steve still needs a bit of convincing, haha. We've been moved out of there for nearly a year now but Steve took it over for a while wanting to turn it into a den. Then, the cats arrived and took over the entire house but especially that room. Now, he's decided he would like the TV in the bedroom. That turned out to be a good move because I purchased an indoor antenna which is actually attractive and sleek and also picks up local channels we were unable to get with the roof antenna. So, now, the room is mine again and I'm working this week on cleaning it out, pulling up carpet and carpet nails and painting the floor and repainting the walls. I'm hoping, by this weekend, I will be painting the furniture I plan to use in there. Much of it has been stored away for years but by the end of the weekend, I plan on having a ready to move into and very functional, new studio!

As for health and fitness, despite the sins of holiday table, I have realized how what I eat affects how I feel. I have a mammogram this Thursday and I hope to pick up some groceries afterwards...healthy ones. A note on the mammogram, I found a hard lump under my right arm so I'm hoping for the best.
I think the exercise will fall in line once I finally have the mess of a house organized and rearranged. I've told the story before of how it went from comfortable house to looking more like a stacked up warehouse and has stayed that way for fifteen years or more. I'm over it. I want a social life again. I want to have friends over for dinner while I still have friends. I'm tired of blocking people at the door or rudely telling them they can't visit. I am making progress and if I can also make some money to pay for repairs, my wish is that it will be "visitable" again by the summer of 2016. I'm also hoping that I will be more presentable, too, slimmer, fitter and healthier. That's my new goal and I'm sticking with it. I will try to start the daily check in on here again because I think that will help keep me on track. So this is my Day ONE post....again, lol.

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