Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Today's Challenge.....

Make a conscious choice to eat slowly during 1 meal today.

When I was much younger, I worked at a place that only allowed 30 minutes for lunch and that included travel time from your workstation to the cafeteria and back. I got into the habit of eating very fast. The problem, it stuck.....even though my husband says that time is ancient history and should have no affect on me now, it still seems to. So, I think I eat too much before my stomach signals it is full which adds to my ever widening girth. I think becoming more mindful of my eating will help me quite a lot.

I recently read an article which said that people who could concentrate on one task at a time tended to be slimmer. This challenge has pointed out to me why that might be true. My brain and life tends to be scattered. I'm doing one task while thinking about another. I jump around a lot with what I'm doing and have a difficult time finishing a task anymore. There was a time when I was an excellent juggler of life but now, I'm starting to drop the balls more often than not. So, I'm thinking, what if the reason those single minded souls are slimmer is because they are mindful of what they are eating, concentrating on each bite, savoring, enjoying and getting full much faster than I do? And perhaps, this explains the uncomfortable over fullness that I feel after so many meals. Ya think?

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