Friday, April 15, 2016

I've discovered something. Maybe it's my age and maybe it's just that I'm so out of shape. I mean, I barely moved for months after my sister's death....literally didn't move. My "drugs" of choice during that low point, food and TV...while lying in bed. Once I did start feeling better, my old horse Brandy went into a quick decline. For several months, I worked hard trying to keep her alive and strong but in the two weeks before she passed, it was a losing battle even though I was taking her food at least six times a day. I was getting a good workout during that time just walking to the pasture and back which is about 2/3 mile round trip. After she passed, I finally decided it was time to kick myself into gear. I started about a week ago doing a 20-30 minute kettlebell workout every other day and trying to get in at least 4 miles of "fitness" walking each day. Yesterday, I was so proud of myself, I did four 13-14 minute miles. That may not seem like much to some but to me, it was a major milestone. Here's where the discovery part comes in.....after that walk, it was like I hit the wall. I've been exhausted since. This morning, on a kettlebell day, I struggled. Honestly, my muscles were so sore in my arms that I could barely lift a gallon of water to pour it in my glass. I don't talk to Lee, my health advocate, until Monday but I have some questions for him. My husband has already answered the first one, is it normal to feel such muscle fatigue after starting a new workout? Steve told me that he has recently experienced this when he cut and stacked wood all day with some younger friends. He said that for three or four days afterwards, he was exhausted and sore. So, I guess age does play a part but my second question for Lee will be, is it okay to take an easy day at least one day a week? Today has been my easy day. I took the dog for a one mile walk this morning but it was at a slow pace. I did manage to make it through the kettlebell workout but I only did two circuits instead of the three I'd set my goal for....guess that will wait until next week, lol. And what have I done with my day? Absolutely nothing. I watched a movie and now I'm going to clean the neglected kitchen and make some enchiladas for dinner before I walk....slowly...over and feed the horses. I am feeling much better now than I was when I woke up this morning. So, what ever the answer to my question, I think a day off from pushing myself to my limits with the exercise is just what I needed. That doesn't mean that I'm going to allow myself to slack tomorrow. God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be back at it first thing in the morning and hopefully, I can add an extra mile or a few minutes. :)

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