Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Small Changes and a Cup of Joe

Small changes..... My husband says of me that it's always all or nothing. That gets me into trouble a lot. It seems I've been struggling with my exercise and diet goals for a long time. I physical hurt myself because I'd go full blast at a new exercise or fitness task. It seems that, over the last year, I'm always starting over. I guess a lot can be said for never giving up but I've made little progress....until now.
Yesterday, I simply walked the dog and walked to the pasture to feed the horses. After being off for a few weeks, that was effort enough. But today, I hope to walk a "little" longer and a "little" faster.... small changes, slow but steady start.
Yesterday, I threw myself into my new diet full force. I've been just eating healthier and monitoring calories for a few days but yesterday, I tried to follow the recommended diet to the T. It started well, I was satisfied after eating, I didn't get hungry quickly or have my usual stomach pains and I had energy. Then, right before lunch, the headache started. I thought eating would help. It didn't. So, I took something for it and decided I'd lie down for twenty minutes. Two hours later(!), I wake up so confused. I thought I'd slept through an entire day and I was panicked that I missed appointments. When my head finally cleared the solution On this new diet, I am suppose to get rid of food and drink that might bother my stomach and digestive track. I've long suspected my morning cup of Joe for the pains that follow a meal. Evidently I was right about that but I didn't consider the side effects of going cold turkey with caffein....yikes! A cup of steaming Joe later and I was back to my old self...and up most of the night for drinking coffee after lunch. Oh, well, there have to be some concessions. So, my husband suggested, no cold turkey, ease myself off of the coffee gradually. This morning, I had half a mug. Tomorrow, I'll cut back even further, small steps.

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