Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I missed a doctor's appointment this morning because somehow I'd gotten into my head that it was at 10:45 when it was actually at 9:45. I've been thinking for the last week that it was 10:45 and had planned out my day accordingly. It wasn't until I "accidentally" looked at my calendar this morning at 9:48 that I realized my error. Oh, well.... the appointment is rescheduled to later in the month...when I probably won't need it any longer....and I have a free day to accomplish some of my goals. I also had another epiphany this morning. I decided, since I had some free time, ha, to catch up a bit on my journaling which I've been sadly neglecting. When I write in my journal, I not only record daily happenings but also do five minutes of automatic writing. If you don't know what that is, you set a timer for a specific amount of time and then you start writing. You aren't concerned about spelling or grammar or even if your chicken scratch is readable. You just write whatever comes into your head. Try it because you will be shocked at what comes out. I've had many revelations about myself and my life this way. Today was no exception. I was writing about meeting goals...or not...when I thought of how negative that was. I've decided that I'll look at what I've been considering my failures as stepping stones, lessons learned. And I've decided to look at the often overwhelming goals I set as challenges to conquer. After my five minutes ended and just as I'd written that out and finished with, "I will be the CHAMPION of my own LIFE!), I broke those challenges down and went through the next month writing a few challenges for each day....one for the house...one for exercise...and one for the horses that I'm determined to not only spend more time with but to ride by June 1st. (the reason I'm not riding is a long story for another time) So, I do have goals still but the steps to achieving those goals have been broken down into small, doable challenges that will make me feel like a conquering she-warrior every day. :)

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