Wednesday, July 20, 2016

30 minutes-30 days

Day 1 of 30 minutes/30 days personal challenge: My workout got started a wee bit early...kind of. A neighbor called at 4:45 AM to say my youngest, naughtiest horse was grazing in her front yard. Evidently, her dogs woke her up barking at this intruder. I currently am at a loss for transportation since my husband's truck is in the shop and he's driving mine. That .6 mile walk every morning and evening to feed the horses just helps my exercise habit along but at 5 AM, it's kind of scary being out there on your own especially when you're wearing your pj's and muck boots. lol Got the wanderer back in and fed the horses early but already that twenty minute trek and the high humidity had me looking like I'd jumped in the shower fully clothed.
I came back to the house and ate my breakfast, washed some dishes, watched a little TV and took care of those morning necessities like brushing my teeth. I headed back out at 7:30 AM for my first 30 minute walk. I won't lie, I've been off my exercise for over a month now and this morning's start was not easy but amazingly, by the time I hit about 24 minutes, I got a sudden burst of energy and I was feeling better, breathing better and my heart was no longer feeling like it was coming out of my chest.

I was using both my OuMax fitness tracker and the Map My Fitness app on my phone. Here are the stats from both:

Map My Fitness:

Distance: 1.74 miles
Pace: 17.13 minute mile
Calories Burned: 574 (the OuMax is no where near this high and, even with this measuring an elevation gain of 80 feet, I figure the real amount is somewhere in between)


Steps: Total, 5427 From Earlier, 1,755 This Walk, 3672
Distance: 1.6 miles
Calories Burned: 206

What do I hope for the days ahead? To increase my speed and my efficiency.....and to not feel like I'm going to drop dead any minute for the first twenty minutes. lol

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