Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 10 of my 30 min. for 30 days challenge:
This was not a pleasant walk. First, there were the bugs. Half way across the field, I thought I'd walked through a spiderweb. I looked down and I was covered with hundreds of little bugs! They were the tiniest little gnats I've ever seen and I'm still knocking them off of me since they covered me up ever time I passed that spot. It didn't help that the humidity was so heavy this morning that it felt like you could drown breathing the air. I was so wet that those darn little bugs kept sticking to me. Ugh!! I don't know if it was that or the fact it was still so hot even with the sun just coming up or just plain ol' muscle exhaustion but my time was way off this morning. I got no where near the two miles I did yesterday. But as the song goes and as Steve told me when he and Bodie joined me, "Mama said, there'd be days like this." Now, there's a tune to start your day with. lol
Today's Numbers:
Map My Fitness
Distance: 1.63
Pace: 18.29
Calories: 254 (in sweat alone, lol)
Steps: 3.6K
Duration: 30:04
OuMax fitness tracker
Steps: 3644
Miles: 1.65
Calories: 240

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