Thursday, July 21, 2016

DAY 2 of my walking challenge

Day 2 of the 30 minutes/30 days self-challenge!

Well, I got those second day blues. Starting isn't the hardest part of trying to establish a workout routine, it's doing it all again on the second day. ;) I was later out the door this morning, just dragging my feet. That means that it was even hotter than it would have been earlier---and it was 80 at 5AM this morning! I did finally head over to feed the horses at 7:30 which means I didn't start my 30 minutes until 8AM.
And then there were interruptions. The first was self inflicted, I decided to go down and check on my horse, Brandy's grave. I haven't visited it since I planted sunflower seeds on it in the Spring. I was very happy to see that the sunflowers are flourishing. They look even better than the ones in my garden and the horses have left them alone. I was so afraid they'd eat them while they were young and tender. I'll include a photo of them with this post. I wasn't fast walking down the hill to the lower pasture and even slower walking back up but I finally got started in earnest on my walk.
Brandy's Sunflowers :)
Then the second interruption, a skunk! She was blocking my path and I stopped and stayed clear until she decided to move. Unfortunately, my Map My Fitness app automatically paused itself so its stats might not be that accurate this morning. I finally got on my way but I disturbed the skunk again on my way back (I walk up and down our "barn" road and then loop around the flat area where we hope to build a large barn one day. The entire walk is about a quarter mile so I make several laps.) This time, she ran off into the woods and thankfully, didn't make me pay for disturbing her breakfast.
Despite the heat holding me back a bit, I did feel better walking today, no screaming lungs or hurting chest and those sturdy legs of mine are holding up well. Here are today's stats:
Map My Fitness:
Miles: 1.4
Pace: 18 min. mile
Calories: 486
Elevation Increase: 56 feet
OuMax Fitness Tracker:
Steps: 2794

Miles: 1.4

Calories: 203 (I don't know why the vast difference in calories burned every time but I do know that MMF uses GPS and measures elevation and other factors that could effect exertion.)

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