Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 3 of my 30 minutes for 30 days challenge

Day 3 of my 30 minutes for 30 days challenge:
I had another skunk encounter and this time was really funny (in retrospect, lol.) I was walking along at a good pace and watching the ground at my feet because the gravel road is uneven and it is easy to trip. I glanced up at the road in front of me and what did I see headed straight for me and not 15 feet away? You guessed it, a big ol' skunk that looked as oblivious to the situation as I had been. I shouted something I can't repeat on FB and turned around to run. The skunk raised his head and his eyes got as big as mine. Thankfully, he started running toward the woods and not towards me. I backed up until I thought he was out of "shot range" and then started on my way again.
That running in reverse confused my Map My Fitness app so much that it paused itself which has really messed up my numbers for today. I really have no idea what my pace was but I did feel better today. It was easier going and I was breathing better and my endurance already is improving. Oddly, I even feel a bit lighter! :) I have no idea if I am starting to shed pounds because I've sworn off the scale. I've decided that it is the LEAST ACCURATE means of measuring my progress. When I was younger, it was so easy losing weight that I could accurately predict my weekly weight loss by keeping track of calories in and calories burned. That no longer holds true. There's something about these post menopausal bodies that seems to want to hold onto the fat. My body seems to think it's starving or maybe it's just comfortable being overweight and inactive. I'm going to try to shock it out of its lethargy. I already feel more energetic and I'm accomplishing so much more in a day and I'm only three days into this. I'm not saying that it still isn't a struggle but it was easier this morning than yesterday to head out that door. I wasn't dreading my walk and I might even have been looking forward to it. That, my friends, is progress in my book!

The numbers:
(Please note: the Map My Fitness app paused itself mid workout and lost 6 minutes so these numbers are totally skewed but I'm still going to post them.)

Miles: (totally wrong as you can see below) 1.4
Time Recorded: 24 minutes
Average pace: 16:59 a mile
Calories burned: 170 (I think I burned more than that running from the skunk, lol)
Steps: 3K....the OuMax is very accurate so I'm going with its number

OuMax Fitness Tracker:
Steps: 4058
Miles: 1.7
Calories: 258

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