Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 8 of my 30 minutes for 30 days personal challenge. As I've already posted, I missed this morning's walk so I put in my 30/30 this evening. Here is a photo of the road I walk. I walk up it (it has a 50 foot increase in altitude!) and then I walk back down. That adds up to about half a mile. To make up for missing this morning, I increased my pace tonight. I'm very proud of myself, thought I was going to die a few times (literally) but I averaged a 15.4 min. mile! Here are the numbers:
Map My Fitness
Distance: 1.9 (wish I'd finished it out and got those two miles in)
Duration: 29.55 (my timer went off a minute or so before the MMF app and the app wasn't showing my time and I couldn't correct it on the move so I just had to guess at it. I walked a bit after turning it off so I made that 5 seconds. lol)
Calories: 325 (!!!)
Steps: 3.9 K
OuMax Fitness Tracker
Steps: 4K
Distance: 3.9miles
Calories: 295
Well, that's all, Folks! I'm heading to bed.

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