Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I spoke with my fitness coach yesterday. I hadn't spoken to him in over a month. I really expected him to be proud of me for this challenge I've taken on (30 minutes of walking every day for 30 days). He was happy I'd taken the initiative to do this and that I was posting on this page so that I could be accountable and stick to the plan but he asked me, "What else are you going to do?" I ask him what he meant and he said, "Just walking isn't going to be challenging after a while. How are you going to challenge yourself when that happens?" I replied, "It's close to a 100 degrees and 100% humidity right now almost every day. I don't think this is going to stop being a challenge anytime soon." He told me I'd carved out the time and I should think of other ways to fill it besides walking. He asked, "What other activities do you enjoy doing?" I told him that I use to love to bike, to hike and to ride my horses but I wasn't going to be doing any of those while it was still boiling hot outside. We finally reached a compromise. I'm going to add in two 30 min. of walking each day (morning and night) and I'm going to start running part of the time....eventually, lol. We also disagreed about the scale. I told him that the scale was an unreliable way to measure my progress and he said, "You need some way to measure that you can see. You can't just say, I'm feeling better." Well, yes I can but that didn't work for him. So, I took my measurements yesterday and we will see how much they improve by the end of the 30 days. One thing I know I need to do that I didn't share with him is to improve my diet. I'm still have too many meals out and too much sugar. It's back to My Fitness Pal for me. It is the most dependable and extensive online food diary I've found and it breaks your diet down nutritionally. And, on that note, I really am going to bed. Night, all! I'll catch you in the morning. :)

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