Friday, July 29, 2016

My health and fitness Goals for the next year:

1) be riding my horses again by the end of September (it is now July 29th)
2) Get the hiking club going again by October or earlier when the temps and humidity aren't so constantly high.
3) hike to Charlie's Bunion again on my birthday, November 6th (we hiked this trail on our honeymoon. It wasn't so hard then but we were early twenties...Charlie's Bunion is part of the Appalachian trail and in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.)
4) Hike to Mount LeCont next Spring (2017)

Current Goals:

1) Establish an exercise habit starting with 30 minutes a day for 30 days.
2) Start tracking my eating habits again with a daily diary and pay more attention to eating cleanly and nutritiously.
3) Try to cut as much sugar as possible out of my diet. Yes, I love it but it is like poison in to our bodies.
4) Add free weights to the mix, one day upper body and the next lower body.
5) Finish my studio and not only get back to work on my art but set up the elliptical in there and get up and exercise for 10 minutes every hour.
6) Keep chipping away at the long over due repairs and improvements to my home and get more organized. I know this doesn't seem like a health nor fitness issue but it is actually because it affects my outlook and clutters my mind.
7) Add on twenty minutes of yoga daily.
8) Add 30- 45 minutes of additional exercise a day.
9) Walk twice a day and for 45 minutes at a time.
10) Add in some running and do interval training.

Yes, I do want to lose weight. Yes, I would like to not only look good in my clothes again but to be able to fit into clothes that look good (and not like shapeless sacks or packed sausage skins.) But the most important thing I want to achieve is to feel regain energy and be happy and positive and balanced. That is what health gives to be, that is what fitness gives to me, that is what living a balanced and organized life gives to me.

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