Saturday, July 30, 2016

Uggh, Not a good day but did it anyway.

Day 11's 30 minutes finally done. It was not easy. The heat and humidity are horrible out there. I went at a snail's pace and still am soaked with sweat. I had some chest pain again which hasn't happened since that first day. I don't think it is my heart so not to worry. I think it is that it's hard to breath with the air so thick. I tried to concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly and the pain went away. I didn't try to push my pace this time. I was just trying to make it through. The past few days, I've not felt well and that is why I didn't walk this morning but still, I need to push myself out the door tomorrow morning no matter how I'm feeling or what's hurting. It's just so much easier and cooler when I walk in the morning before or right after day break. Aiming for 6AM tomorrow morning and then going to try for 5:30 on Monday. I also plan to add on 15 to 20 minutes of free weights in the morning, upper body one day and lower body the next. That will give me three days a week each with Sunday's off. Keep on keepin' on. And here are my dismal numbers for tonight.....
Map My Fitness
Time: 33.19
Distance: 1.58
Avg. Pace: 21.09
Calories: 255
Steps: 3.8K
OuMax Fitness Tracker
Steps: 4.2K (that's counting walking over to feed the horses)
Distance: 1.5
Calories: 243

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