Monday, August 29, 2016

A Mind Reset

I haven't been posting like I should for this challenge. There has been a lot going on in my life lately but that is no excuse. The truth is, I've had a very difficult time staying motivated. I was reading an article this morning which discussed weight loss and exercise with several women who had all lost a substantial amount of weight (I've posted the article below.) That article reminded me that every journey in life, no matter if it is exercise or something else, starts with that first step. I have been making those steps but I've been upset that I've just been getting by with the bare minimum for a while. I could blame my busy schedule, I could blame the heat, I could blame how I've been feeling so physically bad and down lately or how my emotions have been on a roller coaster for the last two weeks.....I could but the truth is, I have to want to do it and if I'm not doing it, it's not because of any of the things above. So, I am walking but it's like I resent every step. I have to step back and take a good hard look at myself and find out why this is. If I'm being honest, it is my age. Before you start saying, that's just another excuse, let me explain. I never have thought of myself as old that is not until the last month. From physical ailments and complaints to loss and grief to just not having the energy I once had, my age has been pointed out to me. I finally realize that I am sixty years old. I find it discouraging that I'm not making the progress I use to. So, it may be my age but it is really a mental problem rather than a physical one. Because you can get in shape at this age, it may take longer but it can be done. I've just got to start thinking young again...BUT, yes, that is a big but, lol.....I have to also be kind to myself and take it slower...and also accept that I'm slower and my progress is going to be slower. I read about other people's success and I realize that they too couldn't do much when they started-no matter their age but they kept moving and kept doing a little more each day. That progress might just be measured a minute at a time or a few more steps but it is progress and it does add up! So, let's do a reset on this challenge and on my attitude. True, I've been walking for several days now but I have not been enjoying it at all. I need to make walking and exercise enjoyable again. I feel like I've been punishing myself for a while. I've not allowed myself to enjoy life or take joy from things like my horses and riding that use to bring me joy. I've punished myself because of the parts of my life that are lacking but my entire life suffered because of that. And did any more get done from me thinking, "I can't do anything fun until the stuff is done that I don't want to do." ??? The answer is NO. I've just become an unhappy, unhealthy slug. I've been hiding and losing myself in food and things that require concentration and thought but little if any physical activity. So, let me take a step back once again. I know I've had a lot of false starts in the past but I've learned something from each of them. In a way, they were all pieces of the puzzle and I feel like, that puzzle is finally falling into place. So, let's start this challenge again. There will be no measurement to hit because as I've said in the past, I'm establishing a habit here. Each day for the next 30 or let's just say until Sept. 30, I will fit exercise into my day and I will record on here exactly what I do. It won't matter if it's three miles of walking or just 10 minutes dancing around the house, just as long as I'm moving each day. If I remove the restrictions, I think exercise will become fun again, it will become a pleasurable activity and I will make progress. The difference here is that progress will not be forced but will occur naturally. If you're asking yourself how I know that I can make not only progress in the next 32 days but quite a bit of progress, I think this because progress is not going to be my goal, enjoying exercise again is my goal, making it a habit is my goal, a habit I look forward to each day, a habit that I begin to incorporate into my entire life.

Click Here to read the article about just what 8 different women did to lose weight. This article is unique because these are women of different ages and sizes and they all took their own uniquely personal path to fitness, weight loss and health.

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