Monday, August 29, 2016

Day One of, "Let's have fun and make exercise a habit."

Day One of 30 days of "Let's have fun and make exercise a habit." I'm not setting any restrictions on myself but I'm doing what I feel like. Just got back from my first work out and I am tuckered. lol. I found an app that is suppose to take you from the sofa to a 5k in a month. Day one....which I suppose is the easiest.....wasn't easy for me. It started with 5 minutes of walking to warm up. I think maybe I pushed myself too hard on this because I knew when I started the first 1 minute of running, I didn't want to be going up the hill! So, I pushed myself to walk what usually takes me 10 minutes in 5. I don't think that was the warm up they had in mind. haha So, I'm already breathing hard and my pulse rate is high when I start jogging across the top of the hill. By the time I'd done a minute, I was breathing so hard that it took me the minute and a half of walking and then the next minute that was intended for running and the next minute and a half of walking (by this time, at a snail's pace) to get my heart rate down and my breathing normal. Still not so certain I'm not going to die but I did repeat this in reverse at that point and I ran the next minute but walked the rest of the way back to the house. All together, I think I put in 18 minutes but I'm not sure of mileage or steps because I forgot to wear my OuMax again. Tomorrow, I will try the DAY 1 workout again and I will keep trying it until I can do the run one minute - walk a minute and half sequence...without passing out. Now I'm going to take my dog out for his evening walk of about a mile. I may remember the OuMax for this one, lol. And, if I'm not totally exhausted by then, I may try to fit in a short kettle bell workout before bedtime. I'll let you know about that tomorrow.

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