Thursday, September 1, 2016


This is a response I wrote to someone who posted on my FB page, Fit After Fifty-Five. She was telling me how she'd cut out all sugar, fat and processed food and how much better she felt because of it. I applaud her, this balance is very hard to find. I had it once and let it slowly erode away until I was stuck in the mud and water again just trying to float and drift through life. I'm working on finding that balance again. I'm searching for my key but still, I think realizing what my real goal is will help me on this quest. Before, I divided each of these goals out into their own category, walled in and totally separate from the other aspects of my life. Realizing that each part of my life is dependent on the other for success was a HUGE step for me. It was something I already knew instinctively but it took a while for it to click in my brain. Now that it has, I think I can finally make some progress.

When I was in my thirties, I had found the key to balance in my life. All the puzzle pieces fit, health, career and life. I monitored every bite that went into my mouth. I was counting these micro units long before it became popular. I realized that a balance in my diet was as important as that balance in my life. And I also realized that we all have to find our own balance in all these things. I just realized a few days ago though that the key to that puzzle, to balance, now is different that it was at thirty. So, I'm working on finding that key now. I'm all too aware of the affect sugar has on our bodies and also how, as our diets become more nutritious and balanced, we no longer crave the sugar. Unfortunately, I'm not at that point yet this time around. lol I'm still a sugar addict but I am becoming mindful of my eating habits which is the first step toward change. I'm not going cold turkey, like I did with diet colas-what a nightmare, haha, but rather cutting slowly back and becoming aware of where the sugar hides and the salt and the fat. I tend not to eat a lot of processed food so I'm lucky there but bakery sweets have been my biggest down fall and tempter. I mean, they were on sale 2 for one for heaven's sake, how could I resist that? lol Honestly, I agree with you on everything you've written and I'm so happy that you seem to have found the key to your balance in life. It is a struggle to do that because so much of it is wrapped in both thought and emotion especially where food is concerned. I still hear my mother telling me that little children are starving in Africa every time I leave food on my plate. ;)

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