Sunday, September 4, 2016

Challenge, Sept. 4...... I'm proud of myself because after a day spent mainly in bed, sick, I walked a mile and a half. Bodie and I kept a pretty good pace up, too. Most of the time, he is stopping to sniff everything for odors only he can discern. But last night, he kept me going for the entire first mile. I'm proud of him, too.
The hot air and humidity are suppose to return tomorrow. I'm dreading that and really regret that I've felt lousy this entire spell of cool weather and sweet breezes. The good news, I'm feeling great today. So, maybe I can salvage a bit of this pretty weather. I woke up at 7am which is late for me but probably great for a Sunday of a long weekend especially when you consider how I've felt for the last three days and how little sleep I've actually gotten. Last night, I slept well; I didn't hurt and the natives weren't so restless (the two cats that usually want in and out of the bedroom and scratch up the woodwork if I don't pay immediate attention to them.) I wanted to walk before breakfast but after the episode yesterday, I was a bit afraid to. We had a late breakfast soon followed by an early lunch since Steve is cutting hay again today and needed to leave asap. I've lounged with one of the cats for most of the morning, enjoying Sunday Morning which had several stories this week that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have not exercised yet and a bit sad to be starting my day close to noon, lol, but quiet, relaxing times are important to our wellbeing, too...especially on Sunday mornings. I will walk later today and I plan to get a lot of work done on the house. Despite this recent delay and unproductive days, I still hope to get back to work by Sept. 19.
This week marks the passing of two of my best friends almost exactly two years apart. I miss them both still and it brings to the forefront a truth about aging. Losing friends, especially those lifelong close friends who are more like family to you, is like losing part of ourselves. We lose definition because those types of friends helped to define who we are. It leaves you searching for meaning and direction and even a sense of exactly who you are. But, after the grief and the emptiness, there is a realization that life is not over until it is so you should relish each day and strive for new dreams and learn to define yourself. That doesn't take away from the power of their friendship in you life; it honors the friendship and them.
I didn't post my FB posting from yesterday. It was all about the IBS that has laid me low for the last week. I've had bouts with this since my thirties but only once before, have I had an episode that last this long. It's been bothering me more often for the last six months. I blamed that on stress. This latest problem, I'm thinking, is partly caused by dehydration. Trying to exercise in this heat and humidity has been...well, trying. My fitness coach told me that sweating is good for you and shows your metabolism is working. Women of a certain age realize that when we say we sweat, it is not like the normal person's idea of sweating. I call it projectile sweat because it shoots off my head like a garden sprinkler. I use head bands to help keep it out of my eyes and me comfortable but I often forget to carry water with me when I work out. That is a big mistake. The worst episode from the IBS I've suffered over this long weekend, came yesterday morning when I got out at dawn to walk. I was feeling great and then it hit me suddenly, the horrible cramping pain that nearly doubled me over. I was in misery trying to get back to the house and once here, I spent the rest of the day lying in bed. It was not the way I'd planned to spend my weekend. But I started then making the link between these episodes and exercise especially in this hot weather where the slightest exertion makes me perspire. True, it was cooler yesterday but I was working out harder because of it. I drank a gatorade later in the morning and it did seem to help with the muscle spasms and pain. So, today, I'm staying hydrated and so far, so good. I've not had the first spasm or cramp. That is definitely good news and I'm hoping, by the end of this day, I'll have even better news with progress made on the house and with the exercise. :)

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