Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Going Back to Yesterday

I didn't post yesterday and it was a good day, a day of epiphanies. So here goes, my FB posts from yesterday ending with some lovely stats.

Gratitude for the day: I am grateful that I'm still capable of change and improved fitness and health. Now, my goal for the day, act on those capabilities.

Post ONE: I didn't sleep well last night and so a late start today but I'm not worried. I just finished breakfast which I recorded with my fitness pal. It was a good breakfast, non fat Greek yogurt and chopped walnuts but it could have been better if I'd added fruit. I will do that tomorrow. I started something new this morning, meditation. My hope is that it will calm and center me before I start my day. I'm also adding a devotional and prayer. I'm not preaching; I'm just saying that I think this will work for me. Expressing gratitude is a great way to start your day. I also read something yesterday that said it is helpful and freeing to envision laying your burdens down at the feet of a higher power. My main healthy living goal is balance and I won't be able to achieve that until I free myself from stress and worry. Like the meditation (which I'm doing with an app called Calm on my phone ) , prayer and gratitude help to center me and help me to start my day with a wonderful attitude and sense of direction. I read something yesterday, I think I posted it to this page. It said (and I'm quoting from memory so this may not be exact), you can't conquer your life in one day but you can conquer this day. That's what I'm planning on doing, conquering today. I'll worry about tomorrow when it gets here. I'm off to feed the horses, walk the dog and then do my morning fitness walk. I'll give the stats at the end of today but for now, I'm just going to live in each precious moment of this beautiful day; its overflowing with possibilities.

Post TWO: Just back from my walk. I find that walking helps to clear my mind and often I see solutions and answers I didn't see before. This morning, I realized several things. I've been so frustrated for the last two months because every attempt at challenging myself with exercise failed. I thought of something my health coach keeps telling me, what I see as a failure is really an opportunity to learn what doesn't work. I began to think about what hasn't worked and why. I've tried to schedule exercise, I've tried to be extremely disciplined and I've really pushed for improvement. None of these strategies worked. Why? I asked myself that and I think a major factor was, I wasn't having any fun. I made this work not play and because of that, I dreaded it each day. Scheduling has a set of problems entirely it's own because my life doesn't run on a schedule. Maybe I can change that later on but for now I'm just going to try to set a few daily tasks and do them as I can at what ever time I can. If my goal is to walk three mikes a day to start, it doesn't matter when in the day I fit the walks in just as long as I do. And I'm concentrating on living in the moment, enjoying every step of that walk, making it fun not a torture. Hmmmmm? I really think I might be on to something.

Post THREE: I'm pleased with myself today. I got in over THREE and a half miles of fitness walking, 7799 steps (that's just with exercise not incidental steps throughout the day), 65 minutes spent walking for exercise...my Apple health posted an hour and 34 minutes of activity but that's counting the time I spent taking care of the horses. That translates to over 500 calories burned today just through physical activity. Yay, me!

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