Thursday, September 15, 2016

I was sitting here at my desk getting some early morning chores out of the way when my landline rang. The landline phone no longer was rechargeable and I left it off the charger for too long....but the call kicked in the answering message. It started playing messages from as long ago as five or six years. I sat here and listened, hear both the unwanted phono solicitations and the sweet voices of old friends. Then a message came on that I wasn't expecting, our friend Mike, who passed away a few months ago. My heart seemed to simultaneously drop and soar at the sound of his sweet voice. From previous messages, I knew the approximate date or at least the year even though the machine was only giving me the day of the week and not week days. It was right after my friend Candis's death and even though Mike said he was just calling to check on us, I knew he was actually calling to give us the awful news that he also had cancer because he reached me through my cell phone not long after that. Like the song says, regrets, I have a few and not calling Mike back right away, not keeping in touch, losing precious time and memories...those are major ones. We all know life is short especially people my age who suddenly and unexpectedly fine themselves getting old when we were not through being young. I'd tell you to take the time to see your friends, enjoy their company and life but I know that I myself will most likely not follow my own advice. Life gets busy, our minds are full of things we think we are required to do and worry about and we just don't think we have the time or can afford to take the time. I am going to try harder to do the things that are really important in life before I'm left with more regrets.

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