Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13..... I have a young friend who is a cancer survivor and she is just beginning training to run her first 5K next year in honor of two dear friends she has lost to this disease. I'm so proud of her and realized today that all the struggles I've had trying to get this challenge off the ground, trying to establish that habit that makes exercise an essential part of my life again and dusting my self off after each fail and getting up and going again....all of that does serve a purpose after all because I am now qualified through my own experience and my mistakes and falls to give advice and encouragement to someone else. She's struggling at the moment because that first workout didn't go as well as she expected. I know that feeling all too well. I know what it feels like to expect something to be easy and then when it turns out to be difficult, you feel like a failure and feel like giving up. I'm learning (see it's not true what they say about old dogs ;) ) that I have to find my own pace. One size fits all does not apply to fitness...and to few other things as well. I've found that not doing what you expect you can is not a failure...not if you keep going. I've found, you have to find your own starting point. There are people who can go from zero to sixty and there are others who have to start at a crawl before they can walk...much less, run. That's me, I'm a crawler but I know that if I just keep moving, it won't be long before I'm walking and then I'm running. I told my friend this morning that this is not a competition, not even with yourself; exercise should be a gift we give ourselves. I also told her not to be a coach. Coaches can be mean and demanding and push you until you drop or just give up. Instead, we should all be our biggest fan and we should be shouting every day, you can do this!

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