Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7 - Challenge Day 7..... I walked a mile and a half tonight! That may not seem like much to some but after my month of inactivity, it is my starting point and I feel great about it. I didn't time myself but considering that I left out at 8:00 to feed the horses and that usually takes at least 20 minutes and I returned to the house at 8:40, I'd say that was a pretty good pace....and with Bodie in tow no less, lol. 
I went to the doctor today. It was a follow up on an appointment in May. I'd even forgotten what that appointment was about. I was more concerned with the way the steroids affected me. Not only was I told that was normal but one of the nurses I saw told me she refused to take them because of all of the side effects. That put my mind at ease because I really thought that my body and mind were on the decline for several weeks there. I also found out what's been affecting my balance and causing the buzzing in my ears......ear wax! I know....yucky! But I'm telling you, after they washed out my ears (which was more painful than you might imagine), I feel soooo much better. I also got a vitamin B6 shot...since I keep forgetting to take the drops, had my blood work done again and got a prescription to help with the IBS and one for allergies! So, as much as I hate taking pills, I am still a happy camper and I can't wait to get up in the morning and start all over again with the exercise and projects. I tell ya', I'm feelin' good and I think I've got this!

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